Error 53 – iPhone: What do I do now…

I consider myself a fan of Apple products because of the design and technologies that they use.  I don’t think there is anyone else on the market that provides technology that Apple uses in their devices, although all of the technology isn’t necessarily developed by Apple.  I am a fan of the Thunderbolt Technology, the concept of the iPad Pro, and so on.

Recently I dropped my iPhone and had to get the screen replaced on it by one of the local repair shops here in Charleston, SC.  After getting the screen replaced the phone began working flawlessly again.  I was able to swipe and click as good as a new phone out of the box.  I say this because lots of folks complain about issues such as delays, accuracy, etc. after getting screens replaced.

The issue that I ran into after getting the screen replaced was caused by Apple.  So it appears that from the latest update that Apple has released, there is some code in it that looks at the hardware id of the screen and home button.  If this doesn’t match up, the iPhone will disable itself.  This means that you can’t access pictures, contacts, or any data that was stored on the phone, unless of course it has been backed up to the cloud.

Although Apple could have introduced this for one of two reasons, I feel that it isn’t fair.  The first reason could be to have more control over iPhone repairs, or to prevent crime related to Apple Pay by swapping screens/touch buttons.  I feel that this should’ve been included in some release notes that it could disable my phone then I wouldn’t be in the situation that I’m in now.

I’d recommend that if you have gotten your iPhone repaired due to a broken screen, check with the shop that did the repair and get their opinion before upgrading to the latest operating system.  After you upgrade, there isn’t anything that you can do.  So you’re just out of an iPhone and will have to end up purchasing another.


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