Christmas in Hawaii

Aloha folks!  This past Christmas I got to spend it in Hawaii.  I must admit that it was a great Christmas filled with awesome weather and nice beaches.  We left a day prior to Christmas Eve.  It was a fun filled trip from the time we got there until we left.

We flew out of Charleston on December 22nd and had two layovers.  The first layover was in Salt Lake City.  It was a bit cold there but I had a nice view while waiting to board our plane.  From Salt Lake City, our next layover was in Los Angeles, CA.  This was a fairly quick one, by the time we landed and deplaned, it was time to board our next flight.  This was our final flight to Honolulu. If I recall correctly, it took us about 8 hours to make it to Honolulu.

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Capturing the Moment

Click! Click! Many enjoy the art of photography.  From the free range of creativity to interacting with families that want to capture special moments, photography offers it all.

About two years ago I decided to venture out and get a good camera.  I decided to go with the Canon branded equipment because it was what I felt was the best at that time after looking at reviews online.  So during that time I was going to be traveling to New York for some training for an entire week and I figured I would take some time and go by the B&H Store in New York.  I must say that it was quite an experience.  They had almost any electronic that one could want.  As I began to look at the selection of Canon cameras with the sales representative, I decided upon one to purchase.  It was definitely a big purchase but I knew it was what I wanted.

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