Christmas in Hawaii

Aloha folks!  This past Christmas I got to spend it in Hawaii.  I must admit that it was a great Christmas filled with awesome weather and nice beaches.  We left a day prior to Christmas Eve.  It was a fun filled trip from the time we got there until we left.

We flew out of Charleston on December 22nd and had two layovers.  The first layover was in Salt Lake City.  It was a bit cold there but I had a nice view while waiting to board our plane.  From Salt Lake City, our next layover was in Los Angeles, CA.  This was a fairly quick one, by the time we landed and deplaned, it was time to board our next flight.  This was our final flight to Honolulu. If I recall correctly, it took us about 8 hours to make it to Honolulu.

As we began our decent, I was able to see all of the beautiful beaches and Air Force 1 at the airport.  I though that it would’ve been pretty cool to see the president since he was there for Christmas as well but that didn’t happen :-(.   So as we began deplaning at the Honolulu airport, our awesome flight gave each of us a lai.  From there we went to baggage claim and got our bags and then got our rental car.  We then drove to where we were staying and unloaded things from the car and got settled in.

After getting settled in, we took a walk  to Waikiki and then went to eat a few hours later.  We ate at Teddy’s Burgers, which was featured on The Food Network back a while ago and the food was awesome.  We did some more exploring and hung out at the beach and went to some of the shops and just toured the island.  On Christmas morning, we went and ate breakfast at Mac’s 24/7, which was another awesome restaurant and exchanged gifts afterwards.  So from the looks of it we definitely did a lot of eating =).

We left Honolulu the Sunday after Christmas and back to the South Carolina weather, where one day its warm and the next day it could be snowing.  The returning flights were good and on time.  I think after returning I slept for probably most of the day after returning.


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