Thoughts on the Apple Watch…

While Apple has been known for its invention of the iPhone, they have brought something new to the table.  Released back in April 2015, Apple announced its first smart watch.  With  quite a price tag, costing from $399 on up, some may argue that it is expensive and that they are not paying that much for a watch.  I know because I was one of those people.

After a few months passed I began to see coworkers getting these watches and using them for various things.  Some use them for fitness tracking and some use them for productivity.  Back a few weeks ago I got to go in the Apple Store while taking my work issued computer in to have an in-warranty repair performed.  I began to play with the watch and asked questions.  Low and behold I ended up walking out of the Apple Store as a new Apple Watch owner.

Since purchasing the watch, it has definitely been much of a convenience to me.  I put my watch on in the mornings and throughout the day I am alerted of meetings that I have for the day, I have the ability to check email, text messages, and even answer phone calls directly from my watch without having my phone in my hand as long as it is in close proximity.

The Apple Watch allows me to see when messages come in if I am in a meeting without the hassle of having to pull my phone out.  This can be a good thing because it won’t put so much attention on me by having a cell phone in my hand showing that I’m obviously not paying attention.

I feel that this was an awesome idea and a purchase that I won’t regret.  I think it’s amazing to have such innovative technology available.  Keep up the good work Apple!


Advances in Medicine Through Telehealth Technologies

Just some time ago, the only way to see a doctor would be to get dressed and get in your car and drive to the hospital or doctor’s office.  Some may argue that if they are sick that they may not want to get up and leave their homes to go sit in a room full of other sick people.

Who would have ever thought that you would be able to see a doctor without going to the doctor’s office or hospital?  With the advances of medicine and technology, some visits can be done right from the comfort of your own home with with the convenience of technology.  With an internet connection and a desktop computer or mobile device, you  can have access to some of the best healthcare providers in your network.

Some may argue how is this so and how does it compare to going to a doctor’s office?  Telehealth provides electronic visits for select ailments.  Whether you have a pink eye, diarrhea, runny noses, heart burn, or vaginal irritation, you may be eligible for an electronic visit.  This allows you to get a prescription and get it filled at your local pharmacy without the hassle of going to sit in your doctor’s office.

While there are some other cases that an electronic visit may be available, such as maternity checkups, telehealth is constantly advancing.  Each quarter, there are new medical devices being invented that help to extend the reach of services available through telehealth.  Let’s see where the future of telehealth will go!